Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Random post..

This is just gonna be another random post...
Firstly, i would like to apologize to those who keep always view my blog that i had not update my blog for quite some time. I was busy with alot of stuff such as college and other activities.
Well, doesnt matter now right? I'm back =]
Earlier this evening, I went to the bazaar Ramadhan near my house at USJ4 with Mugilan and Mugilen.
The reason is because i wanted to buy some food and for photo shoot. are the photos, don't want to write so much here.

Roti John Travolta..O.O

Me buying keropok. (Photo credits to Mugilan)

surprisingly..we saw another photographer



Chinese Muslim

Chinese Muslim stall. =]


Selling drinks

This guy sells burger at a stall at Usj11 which me, Mugilan and Mugilen often stop by there for burger. He is working in one of the stall there.

Returning to Mugilen's car and head straight to USJ4 field to eat the food we bought.
Untill then..more photos to be upload...if i have the time. =]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


26th August 2009...
Tomorrow is my IELTS speaking Test...

Monday, July 13, 2009

The story of the 15

12th July 2009
Me, Mugilan, Mugilen and Nigel went to USJ19 digital mall just to help Mugilan with his photography assignment.
He needs to take 15 photos and make them into a clip.
We decided to make a horror clip since the 3rd floor of the digital mall is empty and is kind of scary...
reach there around 3pm and meet up with Wei Wern there..FYI...he is working in GARMIN
So we made a clip and named it "the story of the 15". 15 represents the number of pictures taken.

3 friends went to an abandoned mall
they decided to take a look around
when they were walking..
they thought they saw a FIGURE
one of them started to feel creepy.yet, they decided to split and explore and then...
the other two knew something was goin on they heard his scream

as they were running towards where the scream comes...suddenly a FIGURE appeared infront of him...NEXT VICTIM!!grey shirt guy gets out of breath and stopsand saw ALL his friends were standing at one corner with an unknown person. Puzzled, he went to them and asked what happen...No one heard from them since then. rumors say that they are still there...waiting for more to JOIN them...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sketch: Hansel and Gretel (edited version)

Characters: Hansel, Gretel, Father (woodcutter), Stepmother, Super Red Riding Hood Man (SRRHM), Big Bad Wolf (BBW), X-witch, Cop 1.
Here is a sketch done by my group in EALD class as part of a task. I played the role as the father and BBW.
Enjoy... =]

Thursday, July 2, 2009


2nd July 2009
2nd day of College after the of holidays.
Got back all my applicable mathematics results for my EE
It was okay but not really satisfied with it.
and I did a stupid thing today,I suppose to be wrong at one part of the maths question but the lecturer mark me as right.
I admit to teacher because i think that I don't deserve the mark since everyone wrote the same answer as me and the lecturer mark them wrong.
In the end, 1 mark was minus.
I drop from 81 to 80.5.
Well, doesn't matter right? is still 80 and above. hahaha!
Honesty is still the best. =P

After College, went to monash to get the application form for admission 2010 from Monash University for MBBS
The form

Lots of things to fill up and to prepare, and I don't even know what to write for some parts of the form.
Guess I have to ask around first before i fill it up.
If you are also applying for MBBS, please let me know if I really need IELTS for it, I know it requires ISAT and I had already done that. So please tell me through the cbox on the right.
Thanks and thats all for today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photoshoot again

22nd June 2009..night
Me, Mugilan, Jun Yang, Mugilen, Nigel and Wei Wern went to USJ11 field for photo shoot.
Here are some photos that are taken by me...taken by my Canon 1000D.
Jun Yang
Wei Wern and Mugilan
There are more, but it is better not to upload it here. =P
Here are some photos that are taken by Wei Wern using his Sony a200

Mugilen's carMe appearing in 2 places..lolMe appearing in 3 placesMy friendsMe...darn...i'm still learning this effect...

As you can see, Wei Wern's photography skill is far better than
guess i still have a long way to go.
Untill then, bye!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


These are a few photos of plants that i took recently, please give a bit of comments of how i can improve if possible. The following photos are taken using my 50mm lens.


Will upload more soon!